Interview | Rachel Bell - Instagram 101, How to Gain 10k followers per month

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Guys, today we have THE Instagram Expert, Rachel Bell!

She has been featured on Forbes, Thrive Global, Fox, CBS and The Huffington Post. Rachel is cool, calm and so very confident in walking us through how to provide incredible value to your audience on Instagram. She deconstructs challenging concepts, breaks down the Insta algorithm and shows us how to provide so much value as content creators. 

She also shares how self care is inexcusable for anything thriving Entrepreneur. It's not optional, its essential. She walks us through her own personal journey with burn out and how putting her own happiness first has become the non negotiable piece to best serve those around her. 

Episode Highlights

Rachel shares her expertise in how to create true focus on messaging and content. She breaks this process down and makes it sound so easy and doable for the listener. She walks us through how consistency, showing up for your audience is the best starting place for creating an audience who will buy from you. Rachel shares how Monetizing your audience begins with providing true value and creating trust first with your audience. She walks us through how she's over the hustle and how learning to enjoy each day to the fullest is the newest and truest way to thrive as a successful owner.

This episode is filled with so much peace. Rachel's voice alone is soothing enough, but literally you can even hear the birds singing behind her as she shares her heart. 

If you are trying to crush instagram, online business and all the things without losing your sanity in the process, than Rachel is your girl. You're going to absolutely love hearing her raw and real heart and maybe even feel a little refreshed in the process. 

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