Interview | Angie Lee - Organic Marketing, Dominating Social Media, and Building Cult-ure

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If you've never met the infamous Angie Lee, you're missing out.

Angie is a firecracker and an unapologetic woman on a mission. With her comical tendencies and her sassy flare, she brings some of the best online marketing tips you'll ever hear.

She also shares about how she's created an epic, tangible community of lifelong "fans" who grow with her as she continues to expand her brand.


Episode Highlights

  • Angie talks about what it takes to build a truly engaged audience
  • She shares her organic marketing secrets no one is talking about
  • You'll hear her "tipping point" moment when she really started to understand wealth
  • She talks about the best things entrepreneur's can do to start standing out
  • Angie shares why play and fun is so important to her success
  • She's also hysterical... so there's that.


You're going to love this episode if you're an ambitious woman trying to really make your mark in your niche. If you've been holding back in any way, Angie gives you permission to be your true self.


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