Lisa Hinton + Ashli Johnson, Winemakers Ranked Top 100 Wineries in the Country

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Today we have not one, but two total boss babes on the podcast!  Say hello to Lisa Hinton and Ashli Johnson of Old Westminster Winery! Their winery is based just north of Baltimore and has been ranked top 100 wineries in the country. Both Lisa and Ashli, who are sisters, and lets just be honest, may as well be twins, along with their family, are changing the game of the mostly male dominated wine industry!

We dive right in asking them the MUST have wines and how to fight off bad hangovers! They share all of their biggest tips ;) They also walk us through their journey in starting their winery and best of all, how they chose to make it a family business. 

They walk us through how time and time again they've taken so many risks to push the envelop in their industry. While still holding onto the sacred traditions of the wine world, they have paved the way for new innovation and entrepreneur ship in their booming business. These two have changed the game for the wine industry and have been featured in The Best of Baltimore, 30 under 30 and so many more. 

We hope you enjoy Our interview with the gals of Old Westminster and we hope even more so, that the episode leaves you wanting to try a glass of their amazing wine for yourself... xo

Episode Highlights

  • They share with us their back story on how they got into this industry
  • How they've put Maryland wine on the map
  • They share how they've taken many risks + pushed the envelop 
  • How they are truly farmers first + all things local
  • Lisa talks openly about navigating a masculine dominated field as winemaker
  • Ashli & Lisa close with letting us know they are open for any challenge & encourage young business owners to do the same! 


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