Interview | Erica Stone - Multi-Million MLM Business Owner, Adoption, and Starting An Orphanage

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You guys, today on OA, we have the absolutely powerhouse of a woman that is Erica Stone.

I first heard about Erica while we were at our first shoot for OA- her insanely talented daughter, and one of our dear friends, Jayda gave us the full scoop on this boss babe. After hearing just PART of her incredible story, I knew we had to interview her.

Not only is Erica a business queen, having retired herself & her husband at the stunning age of 40, but she has 5 adopted children from West Africa and founded an orphanage in same city as her children’s origin.

She’s an insanely talented musician, hailing from Nashville and who’s talent, wisdom and heart have already deeply affected my life! (Literally just had coffee with her this morning, and guys- she is the REAL deal!)

Get ready for our most powerful interview yet- and deff have a tissue or two handy while you’re at it! ✨⚡️


Episode Highlights

  • Erica shares her incredible adoption story of not one, but 5 children from Africa
  • She walks us through how her adoption opened the doors for her to build an orphanage in Sierra Leon, where all 5 of her children are from.
  • How Erica became a Multi Million Dollar business owner & was able to retire her and her husband
  • How she's gone on to teach other women to do the same
  • Shares some of her favorite things with us & as well her beautiful insight on life, love and business
  • Absolutely, our most heart wrenching episode... xo 



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