Interview | Amanda Bucci - How To Handle Haters, Pivoting Your Niche, Accidental Entrepreneurship

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In this episode, we chat with THE Amanda Bucci.

You guys- Amanda is a Business Coach, Fitness Influencer and an "Accidental Entrepreneur."

She shares with us some awesome golden nuggets for the brand new entrepreneur trying to break out online! Her commitment to her Insta audience is phenomenal. She shares how showing up & being beyond consistent is how she's grown her audience organically to almost 600k followers! 

She also lets us in on her experiences of navigating the haters and trolls online and how she's been able to flip the script and handle it when people get mean on social media.

Episode Highlights

  • Amanda's secrets on how she's built a 600k following on instagram organically
  • What to do when you want to change up your messaging
  • How consistency has been her secret weapon
  • Shares how "going viral" doesn't actually = success in business
  • Openly discusses her struggles with haters 
  • Shares her tips for dealing with trolls online 


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