Personal Branding | How To Brand Yourself & Stand Out Online As An Influencer & Entrepreneur

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Today Lindsey and I are going to teach you about personal branding! We want to answer your questions from Instagram, and this is one a question we get a lot: how do you brand yourself and how do you create a powerful brand?

This is the 2nd episode in business building series we’ve been doing, in our last episode we talked about time management and how to get more done in your day so you can work smarter not harder. Find that episode here.


A Business Tip For You

Our episode starts with our top tips for entrepreneur's around morning routines, time management, and what we're learning personally right now.

If you've been wanting to revamp your morning routine or get more protective of your time, listen in.


Episode Highlights

1. How to decide what your brand/business is going to be:

- Your core values
- Your why
- Branding is what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room
- Your value you’re providing to the market place; product, service, etc.

2. How to attract an audience

- Social media: pick your platform; pick 1-2 platforms
- Imagine yourself having your own TV show/radio show - what value are you providing?

- Give away FREE value as much as possible
- What are your people’s problems? SOLVE THEM!
- You have to be interesting to be interesting …

How do you become interesting?

  • Who are you in real life? Turn that up 5 notches
  • Turn the camera around on selfie mode
  • Stand for something / be polarizing

3. How to create credibility

- CONSISTENCY is underrated
- Your people show up after you show up
- Consistently sharing your story (Story Brand by Donald Miller)
- Create interesting content packed w value (listen to our episode w Rachel Bell where she talked about studying other people’s content in your niche)


Difference between brand and a business

- Service provider vs. an influencer
- Find congruency between the two for long lasting sustainability



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