Time Management Hacks | How To Get More Done, Prioritize, and Learn To Say No

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You asked. We listened.

One of the top questions we get it "how do you get it all done?" or "how do I manage my multiple passions?"

Basically, what you've been asking is all around time management. In this episode, we cover the most important things you need to know around how to get more accomplished, how to prioritize your time and tasks, and how to learn to say no.

Passions vs. Profit

Before we get into tangibles, it's super important to understand where to start. If you have multiple passions, great, but that doesn't mean all of them should be turned into your next business idea. We dive into this topic and really explain how you can decipher a hobby from a solid business idea.


The next thing we cover is how to eliminate distractions. The real reason so many people aren't actually moving forward in their business is because they are incredible distracted. Figure out what your true WHY is. We love "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek. Check out his TedTalk here.


Time Management Hacks

Wanna know how we really get it done? Our time management hacks include batching, theming our days, time blocking, and say NO to a lot of things going on our calendar.

You're gonna have to listen to the whole episode to get the real scoop ;) 


Episode Highlights

  • How to determine what distractions are from smart business ideas
  • How to create more clarity in your life on the things that really matter
  • How to determine your WHY
  • How to start saying NO when it's in alignment
  • The best time management hacks you MUST do now!


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