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We're so excited to introduce to you two of our favorite mindset masters, Kate & Judy Moon.

Kate and Judy are brilliant minds and we knew we needed to bring them onto the podcast. It's important for us to give you a range of topics that all pertain to your journey as an ambitious female.... and mindset truly is #1 on that list.

It's so easy to look at the success of others and believe that they had some secret formula or magic pill to get there, but the truth of the matter is that those who succeed are the ones who have a solid mindset.


Meet Kate and Judy

Believe it or not, Kate and Judy are a mother daughter duo who have been working together as mindset and transformational coaches for 6+ years. They have a unique relationship that might trigger you if you have a mama story... but I think once you listen to this episode, things will shift for you.

Judy (mother) kicks it off with her story of really where it all started. She has overcome some of the crazy things... and she shares her craziest in the episode.

Kate (daugher) shares her brilliance on what women today can do to really build resilience and chase their ambitions head on.


Episode Highlights

  • Where to start to get mentally and emotionally healthy
  • How to translate your ambition into your life
  • The truth about what we are creating in our life is our responsibility
  • How to find the right resources and people to surround yourself with
  • The first step to creating your next massive shift
  • Their favorite books for personal development

...and so much more!!



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