Welcome to the Often Ambitious Podcast!

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Welcome to Often Ambitious - a space for the imperfectly daring woman. 

Join us as we share tangible stories, riveting interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it is to be #oftenambitious through our podcast and blog. 

Our mission is to deliver a fresh, real, raw perspective from some of the most impactful women in entrepreneurship and modern society. We're covering topics like vulnerability, starting a movement, building a brand, creating a following on social, personal health, and so much more.

We. Are. So. Excited !!!


Where it all started

In March of 2017, Erika had reached out to Lindsey on Instagram in hopes of having some photos taken for her new brand release. The FIRST thing Lindsey says she thought was, "this chic is just way too cool for me.”

She wasn’t a typical client, but when I read the headliner in her email that said, “my mission is to empower and educate women to have freedom in both life and business,”  I knew that she was going to be awesome to work with.


Although we really hit it off in our working relationship, we had this slight nudging that we would also make good friends.

Over the next few months we had SO many deep conversations and unpacked so many mutual life experiences. We had such diverse backgrounds and came from two very different professions, and yet the similarities we shared personally and professionally, were mind blowing!  We both knew we had crazy ambition and believed there were big things ahead for us, and yet at the very same time, had both been incredibly burned out in the process.

We both shared the same feelings of isolation, lack of close community, struggles with toxic relationships, and were both left feeling over extended.


The movement was born

Our friendship continued to grow and we knew something really special was in the works here.

One day, we received a transformative and too timely text message that stated,  “If you two joined forces, it would be truly powerful. You should do it!"

I think we both have known, even longer than we’ve even been friends, that we'd eventually link arms with someone to do something extraordinary. And that time, my friends, is now.


We've created this brand, podcast, blog, resource, movement even, for you… in hopes that you will find yourselves in the midsts of our narrative, too. We are often ambitious.


Show Highlights

  • Erika a& Lindsey discuss how Often Ambitious happened and happened FAST!

  • Who the the imperfectly daring woman really is

  • Our mission and vision in creating OA

  • How the heart of Often Ambitious is going after that feeling that lets you know you’re onto something great

  • How you, me, us -- how we're often ambitious

…and so much more!



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Welcome to the journey, friend! <3