The Price of Being Ambitious

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Hi friend! Lindsey here.

Erika and I start this one off with a few laughs… she made me play a little game called “peak and pit.” Between my bathroom issues and Erika’s refusal to take an ibuprofen for her migraine -- the start of this convo is definitely laughable.

But lets get serious for a hot minute... in this episode we are taking things below the surface. We are talking about the price of being ambitious. So many people see the “glory” of success, but don’t really see the behind-the-scenes and all the grit it takes to get there.

We get hashtag real about the internal and external forces that can drastically affect your ambition if you’re not careful. We’ll also provide you with our Often Ambitious toolkit for how to structure your life well and protect yourself and your ambitious heart from being over taxed.


We cover some harsh truths like:

“Am I the only who feels like life is so hard?”

“Am I the only one who feels like I’m crazy”

“Is everyone else normal and something’s wrong with me?”


We’ll also help you break down words that may have been spoken over you, such as:

“You’re too intense”

“You’re too much”

or my favorite,

“You're difficult"


Ultimately, we’ll help you uncover the truth about what it means to know and love yourself. Why accepting your limitations and implementing strong boundaries is the best way to be able to healthily navigate your ambitious life.


Show Highlights

  • Both E & L share the hardest lessons they’ve learned in pursuing being an entrepreneur.

  • Discuss how to identify your own external & internal forces in order to stay strong as you are navigating your own journey in life and biz.

  • Both E & L get real in sharing their own personal stories in how they both experienced true burn out.

  • Offering the #oftenambitious toolkit to help you not make the same mistakes

...and so much more!



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