Interview | How To Ask For The Gig with Lindsey Plevyak

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We decided to switch things up a bit and interview each other! As excited as we are about the growing Often Ambitious community, we want to make sure you guys get to know us FIRST! These interviews are filled with a whole lot of heart as you hear about our own individual stories about our professional journeys. First up: LP!


Get to know Lindsey!

Lindsey has worked with some of the biggest brands and some of the most relevant artists of today. She's an incredible photographer, visual content creator, art director, branding strategist and, as we like to say, all of the things! Her clientele includes Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst, The A21 Campaign, Propel Women, Elevation Worship, Sadie Robertson, Live Original and so many more... 


The Achiever and the Activator...

In this episode, Lindsey shares about how she's made bold moves in order to get in front of the clients she's always wanted. She shares how simply asking to be a part of what these organizations and artists were doing ultimately landed her the dream jobs. She shares how the power of the ask is everything!

She also shares how she's been able to sustain the relationships with her clients by simply doing the work. She walks us through her journey in getting very niche specific with what she wanted to do, and how in order to align with that, she had to turn down a lot of potential clients. Lindsey shares some of her biggest tips and tricks for all aspiring photographers in navigating the photo world. 

She gets really transparent in sharing her struggle in celebrating her wins and how she's endlessly navigated the inner battle of the artist. That in spite of those things, she continues to press onward in knowing that has something to offer and invites the listener to do the same... 

Episode Highlights

  • Lindsey discusses how she boldly asked her dream clients for a job
  • She shares how being consistent and actually following through by doing the work, is everything
  • Shares some amazing tips and tricks for aspiring photogs.
  • Discusses how she's always struggled with the inner artist battle and ways to overcome it
  • Let's the listener in on her obsession with all things spooky & scary

...... and so much more!


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