Interview | The Fast Track To Building Your Empire with Erika Sheffer

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We decided to switch things up a bit and interview each other. As excited as we are about the growing Often Ambitious community, we want to make sure you guys get to know us FIRST! These interviews are filled with a whole lot of heart as you hear about our own individual stories about our professional journeys. It's Erika's turn!


Get to know Erika

Erika is a marketing genius. She’s a business coach, monetization strategist, podcast host, Instagram addict, branding expert & educator. She ’s currently a top earner in a network marketing company, with almost 7,000 women in her organization - which she started JUST 8 months ago! She's passionate about helping women become their own boss babe and truly achieve financial freedom and flexibility.


The High Performer with High Standards

In this episode, Erika shares about how she's been fiercely protective of her time and talents to best serve those around her. The truth is that a huge reason she's successful is because she says no to things that don't align, she time blocks, she is mindful of her time... and she asks herself before saying yes to something, "is this a FULL BODY YES?"

Episode Highlights

  • Walk us through how she first got started in this industry
  • Shares how her high standards have absolutely shaped her success
  • Shares how she's about to hit Senior Executive Director of a company she started less than 8 months ago
  • Erika shares her # 1 tip for success
  • Stresses to the listener that your health & financial freedom are non-negotiable

   ...... and so much more!



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