An Open Letter to Women: How to Find Friends Again

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This episode is a heavy hitter.


Hi friend, Lindsey here!

Erika and I start this one off with a few laughs… we talk a bit about our crazy ethnic background and silly family dynamics, growing up in two homes that were heavily rooted in diversity and culture. We both share a story the other didn't know about, which leads the start of this convo to be nothing short of hysterical. 

But real talk, we wanted to break the ice first because.... in this episode we are getting pretty raw & real about our rocky roads to finding friendships. We talk about how to find friends again after we've been so hurt and let down by supposed "friends" who've come before. Friendship in general can be a real challenge, and even harder sometimes if you are an ambitious woman. 

We both discuss the pattern of how you can become fast friends with someone, they're your ride or die, and then somehow something happens where disconnect, jealousy, or abandonment just tends to re appear. We both share just how many times we've been let down by other women, and how we truly believed some of these friends would have been in our life for years to come, ultimately walked away. 


We cover some harsh truths like:

  • The patterns we've seen in making unhealthy friendships.
  • Wondering if something is wrong with you.
  • Why do we keep attracting toxic people?
  • Why can't we be my our true selves in friendships?
  • Navigating the hurtful things that others have said about us
  • Feelings of abandonment and one sided friendships
  • Can I really trust in friendships again? 


Ultimately, we’ll help you uncover the key secret in navigating the wounds from old friendships. How you can't control anything that happened to you in the past, but you can actually break the old patterns and truly become the friend you've always wanted. 


Show Highlights

  • Both E & L share the hardest lessons they’ve learned in navigating friendships and loss
  • Discuss how to identify unhealthy patterns in yourself and others and how to break them. 
  • Both E & L get real in sharing their own personal stories in how they both experienced the burn of one sided friendships. 
  • Provide true hope in knowing that we can be the friend that we've always wanted. 

...and so much more!



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